Pollinator Garden

In 2013, the Friends of Alexandra Park created a 150 meter long pollinator garden at the south end of the park with the hope of neighbors and friends.  This is not just any garden – a pollinator garden uses certain species and features to attract pollinators (i.e. butterflies, bees, beetles, moths) which in turn help fruit and vegetable plants to grow.  The Friends of Alexandra Park is worked with pollinator expert Scott McIvor, landscape architect Scott Torrance, Krista Fry from Scadding Court’s urban agriculture program,  as well as other local experts to plan and design the garden.

Check out some of these great resources on pollinators:

Garden Committee – Seeking Members

The Garden Committee will help to plan, plant and care for the pollinator garden.   This is a great opportunity to learn about urban gardening and get involved in your community. No specific time commitment is required, but we are hoping that members will help out periodically throughout the spring, summer and fall, and even into the next year.  Please contact us at info@friendsofalexandrapark.ca if you are interested or would like more information.

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