Friends of Alexandra Park is a volunteer group that works together to promote and enhance the natural, physical and cultural aspects of Alexandra Park.

We encourage membership and participation of all those who are interested and who use the park.

We  undertake projects and host events that will both preserve and improve the park, and serve the needs of all members of our community.

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  1. I am available to prepare ground, plant or captain trees on the 19th or 20th. Let me know what you need. I am available be e-mail or phone 416 32-5001

  2. I love what you folks are doing with Alexandra Park. But the Toronto Star article said you had planted WALNUT TREES as part of your work. WALNUT TREES SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE PARK. Ever wonder why you don’t see walnut trees in other parks? They have Toxic Roots which will kill everything that grows within 50feet of the trunk of the walnut tree trunk. After all your hard work it would be a shame to lose it all. I suggest you yank those babies out of there and replace with native sugar maple which also gives good shade and gorgeous colour.

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment. The Black Walnut Trees actually have not been planted yet. They were going to be a part of the next planting event. We had discussed the issues associated with Black Walnuts with our advisers, but didn’t feel they would be a problem in the park. Since they haven’t been planted yet, we will revisit the idea of planting this species with our advisors. Thanks again. Ariana

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